The Ultimate Macros Master Class

Google "macros" and you will find countless pages filled with generic cookie cutter advice. In order to make sense of macros in real life, they need to be applied to the specific needs of the individual.

In this course you will learn what macros are, how to calculate them for a wide range of nutritional needs and most importantly, how to practically apply this information for yourself or your clients.    
Hi, I'm Christine Hronec
It wasn’t until I started creating YouTube videos that I realized how many people need serious nutrition guidance based on actual science and research, not celebrity fads or the advice of unqualified insta-famous gurus with no formal education or professional experience. Using my B.S. and M.S. degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering along with my passion for healthy living and helping people, I created Gauge Girl Training, an online meal planning, training, and coaching service.

I've helped over 30,000+ people implement a macros-based approach to nutrition ranging from Olympic athletes and fitness competitors to those with over 100lbs to lose. Now I to want share my expertise on macronutrients to educate those with a thirst for knowledge to apply to their personal health goals as well as those who need formal instruction for how to navigate nutrition science to get their clients REAL results.
Let me break down the Curriculum...
MODULE 01 | What are Macros?

Experience an in depth tutorial on what macronutrients actually are and why they are so important on a chemical and biological level. We cover real food macros with food comparisons, our macros matrix, and the most indepth breakdown of each macronutrient. Learn the functions of proteins, carbs, and fats in the body, as a chemical and as a real whole food. Last, but not least this tutorial covers the guidelines for how much of each macronutrient you need and the logic behind it with clear cut ranges for each macronutrient. These foundational tools will be used in later modules for more advanced application of the macros as it relates to your health goals. 
MODULE 02  | How to Calculate Macros

Gain solid understanding of how to calculate macros using Christine’s 10-step macronutrient calculation roadmap. This tutorial provides the step by step logic for how to determine macros and includes the logic and explanations behind the most common sources of confusion such as: which BMR equation is the most accurate, how do activity factors translate to real life situations, and how to determine what macronutrient approach is most effective for the individuals needs (i.e. bodybuilder approach, high fat low carb, keto, PCOS, menopause, and a variety of hybrid approaches). The macronutrient strategies demonstrated in this module have been successfully implemented on over 30,000 clients. 
MODULE 03 | Macros for Fat Loss

Fat loss oriented goals tend to be the primary motivation for tracking macros. The concept of a caloric deficit is well ingrained in society as the go to approach for losing weight. The problem is that eating “less” doesn’t necessarily result in the physical changes one was hoping to achieve. This is due to the common misconception that weight loss and fat loss yield the same result. This module goes through the macro calculations for a wide range of scenarios ranging from athletes to sedentary individuals as well as women and men of varied ages to demonstrate what macros nutritients actually look like in real life. This tutorial also includes added discussion on how and why the final macros were determined as well as special considerations for how these would be adjusted based on personalized factors for the individual. 
MODULE 04 | Macros for Maintenance

Maintenance is by far the the most underestimated nutrition challenges for both coaches and individuals. Anyone can experience success with fat loss and rebound, but to sustain that goal and actually live in that physique for the rest of your life is quite another accomplishment. This module covers not only how to determine maintenance macros, but it also covers how to effectively transition out of fat loss via reverse dieting approaches. Several practical scenarios are covered in this tutorial of real people and circumstances showcasing their fat loss macros and the methodology for how to experience higher caloric intake without gaining body fat during the process. Mastering this advanced nutrition technique results in a better quality of life that is sustainable for the long run as well as supporting safe and effective transitions out of the fitness competitor lifestyle. 
MODULE 05 | Macros for Gains

When it comes to gaining muscle, most take the eat whatever approach as opposed to carefully calculating portions and macro ratios to properly maximize muscle gain while minimizing fat gain. This module covers lean bulking for those who want to gain lean muscle mass as strategies for those who are naturally lean and struggle to add size regardless of what they do. This module also covers strategies to support healthy weight gain and goes over a variety of real life scenarios of women and men seeking to gain weight and their detailed macronutrient calculations with step by step explanations for each element of the calculations. This provides real life macros and examples that have been successfully implemented with real clients. 
MODULE 06 | Macros Adjustments

Macros are not a static set of numbers that you get from a nutritionist once and are set for life. This module covers the key variables that require a macronutrient adjustment such as a plateau, pregnancy, breastfeeding, changes in activity, changes in the progress rate, as well as when one reaches their goal. When these common needs arise its not just a matter of making a change to ones caloric intake, the macros and resulting macro ratios need to change for specific reasons. This module goes over specific examples for each scenario with detailed explanations for how to tweak and re-run the numbers and what the resulting changes will practically look like.
You may have some questions...
Can I sign up for this class whenever?  

Yes! We are offering this class all year long. We understand that life is full of busy schedules, so we've built a class that allows you to learn on your own time. 
Who is a good candidate for this nutrition course?  

This nutrition course is perfect for anyone looking for an in depth understanding of macronutrients, calculating macros, and understanding macros for fat loss, maintenance and gains.
How long will have to access the class?  

This is a self paced class, which means that you get to jump in immediately after signing up and can take as long as you'd like to review the content with lifetime access to the course.
Do you offer refunds?  

Because you'll be receiving access to all content up front, all sales are final and non-refundable. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me directly.
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